Cyclopark is committed to enabling cycling and inclusion for everyone at the park.

Our Cyclo4All initiative has developed a park program for children and adults with disabilities and special needs to engage in high quality, fun activities.

During our Cyclo4All sessions our team of trained volunteers will find the right bike for the rider, allowing them to experience and enjoy cycling, whatever their ability.

With the largest fleet of adapted bikes in the South East, we have the support and resources to help and encourage anyone who wants to cycle in a safe, enclosed area of the circuit. 

How To Get Started

The client and personal assistant will both need to attend an initial Wednesday session to be inducted as competent on whichever bike is most appropriate for them.

Times available:

9.00AM 9.30 AM 10.00 AM 10.30 AM 11.00 AM 11.30 AM 12.00 PM 12.30 PM
All Cyclo4All sessions and inductions are £5.50 for a 30 minute riding slot.

Public Sessions

Once the client and personal assistant has been inducted and signed off on our system,  they will be able to attend at any time between 9am - 6pm on Monday - Friday.
We ask that you contact reception ahead of arrival so we can prepare the bike(s) for your trip.
Please note - use of adaptive bikes, outside of the standard Wednesday 9am - 1pm slot, will take place on the open circuit alongside the public. 

Adapted Bikes

Please see a list of bikes below - 



Velo Plus AD 4 AD13

The Velo Plus has revolutionised wheelchair cycling and makes every session all inclusive. 
Designed for users who are unable to transfer from their own chair onto a bike, the companion, carer or parent can cycle the bike allowing for talking during a the ride which can be enjoyed together. 
It has a weight tolerance that allows for the biggest electric wheelchair to be transported. 
Due to popularity we now have 2 of these bikes for use at Cyclopark. 

Davinci 1 AD 6

As above but a single version.
At present we have one of these bikes.

2 Seater Roma AD 8

Controls for steering and braking are for 'right-hand cyclist' meaning much greater security - no veering away or braking by their special needs companion if they can't cope, are unaware of dangers or can't see obstacles.
At present we have 1 of these bikes.

3 Seater Roma AD 7

As above but with an additional seat for a passenger. 
At present we have 1 of these bikes.

Tandem Trike AD 9

At present we have 1 of these bikes, 

Mission Solo Trike AD 1

Ideal for someone with a low leg lift.

Freedom Trike AD 2  AD 10  AD 11

At present we have 3 of these bikes.   

Mission Trilogy Trike AD 3

Ideal for smaller individuals, at present we have 1 of these bikes.

Quadcycle AD 12

At present we have 1 of these bikes


Recumbent AD 15 AD 16 Hand Bike 

At present we have 2 of these bikes.
Great for those clients who have used our ‘Davinci 1’ hand cycle and want to progress. Perfect for riding the full Cyclopark circuit!

Recumbent Bike AD 17

At present we have 1 of these bikes.
Perfect for riding the full Cyclopark circuit! For those who may want to progress competitively in their riding.

2 Seater Trike (Fun2Go) AD 18

The Fun2Go is a double rider cycle, a three-wheel tandem, in which the users sit beside each other. One person steers, both can pedal. The two persons have a good view and can communicate well with each other due to the seats being next to each other. 
At present we have 1 of these bikes.

* We currently have a limited number of inductions available, so please call Cyclopark reception (01474 831 400) to schedule yours today *

Cyclo4All Sessions:

Day: Wednesdays
Time: 9am - 1pm (30 minute slots)
Bookable: At Reception