Cycle Pathway

Learn To Ride

Begin your cycle journey on two wheels... 

Open up a whole new world by learning to ride, whatever your age or where you are starting from. We can help coach you through and build your confidence, our expert coaches will have you pedaling along in no time. This can be structured in a way that works for you; individually, as a group or as a family.

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Children's LTR sessions are booked in blocks of three & take place on three consecutive Saturdays. The aim of our group session is to be able to teach children to ride a 2 wheeled bike without stabilisers & feel confident doing so within these sessions.

Age: 5-10 years old 

Duration: 45 minutes each

Price:  £24.99.


One-to-One Learn to Ride sessions are specifically designed to give people of all ages the chance to learn how to ride a two wheeled bike. 

These sessions take place in our sports zones, away from other areas of the park to give riders privacy to work with our highly qualified coaches and achieve their cycling goals!

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Balance Bike Sessions

Start your child's cycling journey today!

Balance bike sessions are a great introduction to cycling for children. A fun & engaging activity, helping your child learn to balance without the aid of stabilisers.   

Age: 2-5 years

Cycle-Me-Tots are an external company that use Cyclopark to coach their balance bike sessions.


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A session for children who have just learned to ride a two wheeled bike unaided, Cyclowhizz provides a safe traffic free environment for 5-11 year olds to gain knowledge and confidence on a bike. Run by fully qualified coaches, these activities sessions are designed to teach children key skills, such as:

  • Bike set up
  • Gears, brakes
  • Positioning
  • Balance
  • Going up and downhill
  • Cornering and a few tricks