Buckle up, your in for a bumpy ride! Seat belts on, as you head down our very own custom built, off-roading track, on our all new mini Jeep Land Rovers. They will take on a rough trail and have to navigate their way round obstacles to reach the finish line. You really don't want to miss this!

Our mini Jeep Land Rovers are electric-powered and can sit up to two children. They can go forward and reverse, and can also handle a rough terrain. 

Price: £8.50

Duration: 30 min (including 10 min safety brief)

Age: 3-11 yrs

Days: Thursdays 4pm-7pm or  Weekends 10am-4pm

Due to limited availability, to Book Please Click HERE. or give us a call.

1) How old do you have to be to use this?

3yrs - 11yrs. Adults can accompany smaller children.

2) How much money will this be?

This session will be £8.50 per car. Cars can have up to two riders but only one will be able to steer the car.

3) What will the safari trails be like?

The Safari Trails will be located next to our Cycloland and will be an off road experience, a safe and exciting way for the children to experience the outdoors. 

4) How long will a session be?

The sessions will be 30 minutes long ( including 10 minute safety brief)

5) Do I need to book?

Yes due to limited availability booking is necessary, please CLICK HERE to book now.

6) Is it one child per vehicle?

No, the Jeeps have two seats, so we can take two at a time. However from previous experience we do tend to find that children want one to themselves, I mean, who can blame them, right?