Time Trial at Cyclopark

***Please See Below for 22nd of October 2022 Race Results***

Cyclopark Time Trials

All entrants must abide by Cycloparks current policies and procedures. The following rules and regulations are specific to Time Trials held at Cyclopark. These events are privately held Time Trials and, as such, are completely governed by Cyclopark’s terms and conditions.



Entry to all events is controlled by Cyclopark. Entrants can book online or by calling reception. Entry will close at 12.00pm, the day prior to the event.

Riders can enter on the night if space allows. These riders will be set off after the pre-entered riders.

Entry is limited to a maximum of 30 riders.

Start sheets will be published the night before the event.



TT and road bikes only – bikes must be roadworthy; riders must have good vision when in the competitive position.

No tandems.

Trikes and adapted bikes – please contact the organiser prior to the event.

Tri bars allowed.



For the open event the minimum age is 14. The veteran’s category is specifically aimed at veterans but is open to anyone over the age of 16.




Riders must be clothed from the neck to mid-thigh.

Sleeveless tops allowed.

Numbers must be displayed in a prominent position that is visible to the officials.


All competitors must wear a properly affixed helmet which must be of hard/soft shell construction. Helmets should conform to a recognised Standard such as SNELL B95, ANSI Z90.4, AUS/NZS 2063:96, DIN 33-954, CPSC or EN 1078. It is the responsibility of the rider to:

(a)  Select a helmet that offers protection against head injury and does not restrict the rider's vision or hearing, and

(b)  Ensure that the helmet is properly fitted, is undamaged and in good condition.



Course layout as per the diagram.

The onus is on the rider to keep to the course and complete the set number of laps.

Upon finishing, riders will be directed to a cool down lane and must exit the course as per the course diagram.

If transponders are used they must be removed at the exit point and placed in the appropriate container.

No audio equipment allowed, except hearing aids.


For the veteran race, the timing will be done manually with a stopwatch.

For the open event, transponders will be used. In the event that they are not available, timing will revert to a stopwatch.


Competitors must ride alone & unassisted, must not ride in company or take shelter from other riders.



Marshalls will be positioned at the start line, the course exit and the lower end of the circuit. If asked, please observe their instruction.

First Aid

First aid will be covered by Cyclopark.


Results will be published within 48 hours of the event on Cycloparks website.


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Dates and Details

22 Oct 2022