Park Fitness - #hellojanuary!

Fully equipped Fitness Centre open 7 days a week unlimited access.

Over 70 Classes per week

Outdoor Training Zones

Running & Mountain BikeTrails

No long term contract or signing-on fee

All for just £29.95 per month


Q:  What will be the name of the new fitness studio?

A:  It won’t have a name.  It will be part of the new fitness class membership programme.

Q:  What fitness equipment will be in the studio?

A:  It won’t have fitness machines like your traditional gym facility, but it will have the following:

Cardiovascular - Treadmills, Bikes, Rowers, Cross Trainers.

Strength – Free Weights, Olympic weights.

Functional – Kettle Bells, Cable Machines, Sand Bags, Battle Ropes.

Q:  What are the classes like?

  • Results focused small group training studio.
  • Group Fitness Programme
  • Sports Science and Elite Performance
  • Outdoor Fitness Training Pack
  • Run Cyclopark
  • Benefits of working in a group:
  • Creating a tribe experience, make new friends, relationships and contacts – People will attend sessions more regularly. 
  • People want to belong to a group with similar behaviours and characteristics.
  • Challenging / fun and spirit of friendship. 

Q:  Will the new classes be part of the current membership package and will it cost members extra?

A:  Yes for  Park Fitness members the new classes will be part of their current membership.

 No - it won’t cost current members any more, in fact their membership will be reduced to £25.00 per month.  They will also for a limited time be able to have friends & family join at the same rate.

Q: Will the studio just be for classes or can people use it at any time?

A:  The studio and equipment will be available to use for members at any time even while lessons are taking place. The studio won’t be available on a pay as you go basis.

Q:  When will the fitness studio be opening and when will the first class be?

A:  Opening weekend will be the 15th July, members & PAYG will need to be inducted before they can use the studio.  There is no induction required to take part in classes.

Q:  How many classes per week will members be able to take part in?

A:  Initially we will run 40 classes per week, with more in the pipe line as membership grows.

Q:  Who will be working in the studio and taking the classes?

A:   We will have a new fitness expert James joining the team during July, who will be able to offer advice and answer all of your fitness related questions. 

Q:  Will we be able to offer 1-2-1 personal training?

A:  Yes you will be able to book 1-2-1 personal training.

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