Park Fitness

Fully equipped Fitness Centre open 7 days a week unlimited access.

Over 50 Classes per week

Outdoor Training Zones

Running Trails

No contract or signing-on fee

All for just £29.95 per month


Q: What is the Fitness Centre?

A: The Fitness Centre is Cyclopark’s ‘gym’ facility that aims to be a gym with a difference.

Q: What fitness equipment will be in the Fitness Centre?

A: As well as the traditional equipment like treadmills, rowers and cross trainers there is a wide range of functional training equipment such as battle ropes, indoor tyres and kettlebells. These will give your workout more variety and increase the fun element to your training.

Q: What is Park H.I.I.T?

A: Park H.I.I.T is our small group High Intensity Interval Training sessions held within the Fitness Centre.

These sessions are exclusively for Park Fitness & Park Exercise members and are 30 minute workouts designed to challenge you and give you the maximum benefit in a short period of time. They’re a great way to learn how to use the equipment on offer but also still be part of a group exercise class.

Q: Will the Fitness Centre just be for classes or can people use it at any time?

A: The Fitness Centre and equipment will be available to use for members at any time even while lessons are taking place. However it won’t be available on a pay as you go basis.

Q: How many classes per week will members be able to take part in?

A: We hold over 30 classes per week in our Studio and up to 20 Park H.I.I.T classes in the Fitness Centre across the week. We regularly review the programme and are always looking at ways to develop the programme further and add more variety.

Q: How experienced/qualified are your Fitness Team?

A: Our Fitness Manager James has over 20 years’ experience in the Health & Fitness Industry and is focussed on helping you find the right exercise for you whether that be light

Q: Do you offer personal training?

A: Yes. We offer Personal Training on either a 1:1 basis or 1:2 for friends looking to train together. The sessions are just £20 with discounts on offer for blocks.



Do you need to be a member or can you just turn up for a Park Fitness class? You don't need to be a member. You can turn up as a non-member and pay at reception, or you can register online - as a guest - and book/pay for your class online.

Are all fitness classes the same price or do they vary?  * Kombat Club £6 * Hatha Yoga £6 * Spin £7 * Girls on the run £3 * Pilates £6 * Bootcamp £5 * Bums tums thighs £5 * Cyclofemme £6 * HIT £4 *Parent & Baby Spin-fit £7 

Class Descriptions

A 45 minute class based in our Fitness Studio. Your Instructor will use a range of techniques and cues to take you from fast flats to the steepest of climbs. Spin is great for anyone looking to get an awesome aerobic workout but will also improve strength and endurance.

Cost £7 or free to Park Fitness & Park Exercise Members

Held outside on our Multi Use Games Area, this is a great class for those not wanting to be confined to the Fitness Centre or Studio. Utilising traditional circuits fused with kettlebells and battle ropes this is a great class for those looking for something different.

Cost £6 or free to Park Fitness & Park Exercise Members


This form of Yoga is great for strengthening muscles, improving balance and mobility. Blending poses and breathing this class is suitable for all and will leave you de-stressed.

Cost £6 or free to Park Fitness & Park Exercise Members

A full body workout that improves functional movement, core stability and alignment. Pilates will also help to improve flexibility, burn calories and improve strength levels.

Cost £6 or free to Park Fitness & Park Exercise Members

An explosive Boxing inspired workout that combines H.I.I.T training principles with a real focus on correct technique to deliver a workout that really packs a punch.

Cost £6 or free to Park Fitness & Park Exercise Members

A class that truly delivers it all. Strength, Endurance, Power and mobility. A class that helps train your body as a complete unit, builds muscle and burns fat. Perfection!

Cost £6 or free to Park Fitness & Park Exercise Members

NEW! A 30 minute blast combining Spin and core workout techniques. A great way to get your Spin fix and work on your abs, obliques and lower back.