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CyclingBMXKidsHoliday ProgrammeFitness ClassesAccessible Sports
For week commencing 25th Jun
07.00Suspension Training30 minsPavilionPast
09.30Park HIIT30 minsPast
09.30Parent and Baby Spin-fit45 minsPavilionPast
11.00CycloSpin45 minsPavilionPast
13.00Pilates60 minsPavilionPast
16.00Junior Fitness Induction30 minsBook
16.00CycloWhizz (Stage 1)60 minsCircuit EBook
17.30Park HIIT30 minsWaiting List
18.00Bums, Tums and Thighs45 minsPavilionWaiting List
18.00Hatha Yoga60 minsWaiting List
19.00Park HIIT30 minsWaiting List
19.00CycloSpin45 minsPavilionBook
19.00Outdoor Circuits45 minsBook
20.00Adult Fitness Induction30 minsBook
20.00Kettlebells45 minsCommunity Room 1Book
20.00CycloSpin45 minsPavilionBook