Cyclopark is home to a fantastic 330 metre first class race track.

It’s a great place to ride if you are a beginner or a seasoned professional.

We have a range of top level coaches to bring you a first class experience and a range of sessions to suit all abilities. 

How to take part

To ride our BMX track you will need to take part in an induction so that we can be sure that you have a complete understanding of the track. You can then take part in our coached sessions.

Independent riding of the BMX track is not permitted unless you are graded as an Intermediate or Expert Rider. You can then take part in our supervised session.


If you are using your own BMX please note that the bike must be in good working order and does not have stunt pegs. Please note that the coach has the right to refuse access to the session should the bike not be in good working order.

A Full Face Helmet and long fingered gloves must be worn during the session.

Long sleeve tops and long trousers must be worn as well as suitable footwear for the activity.

The induction will last 1 hour and covers basic track skills to ensure that you have the ability to participate in further sessions. After the Induction the coach will grade you as Beginner, Intermediate or Expert.

Please note that prior to taking part in an induction you will need to be able to ride unaided and have a good level of confidence in an off road environment.

On your return visit you will be able to participate in the session best suited to your ability.

We recommend that when booking the induction non-experienced riders also pre book a beginner’s session directly after the induction so that they can continue working with the coach for a further hour and increase the basic skills learnt in the induction.

Induction cost is £10

The cost of the Beginners Session is £5.00 or £4.00 TNT members (green).

The cost of the Novice BMX Sessions is £5.00.

The session will provide a chance for those riders new to the sport to refine their skills needed to ride the whole track prior to being upgraded to a Beginner.

This is a coached session. The aim of the Intermediate Session is to develop riders up to a standard where they are able to confidently compete in races should they wish to do so.

The session will still contain an emphasis on rider technique but will also have a high physical focus.

When you have reached a certain level of ability the coach will then upgrade you to Expert Rider. You can then participate in the Expert Sessions.

Please note that all Intermediate and Expert Riders can participate in supervised sessions.

The cost of the Thursday Intermediate Session is £8.00 or £7.00 TNT BMX Club Member (yellow).

Saturday Open/Supervised BMX Sessions – Intermediates and Expert Riders Only

The aim of the Intermediate and Experts supervised session is to give the riders a time slot for their own training session. Although a member of staff/coach will be on hand to give advice when required.

The cost of the sessions is £6.00 per rider or £5.00 TNT BMX Club Member (Yellow, Black, Red and Blue Riders)

This session is not bookable and all riders that are inducted and graded to Intermediate or Expert are permitted to ride.


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