D.O.M.S…Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness…No Pain No Gain?

We’ve all experienced it at some point in our training, but do you REALLY know what it is?

Yes, that awful pain 24 to 48 hours after training where even the simplest tasks are difficult! Much research has been completed on the cause of DOMS and the most common myth is that it is a build up of lactic acid. Whilst you will get an increase in lactic acid whilst you train, this is not what causes your pain.

Your body turns sugars into energy with the use of oxygen (aerobic respiration) During a heavy training session, your body cannot always get enough oxygen to complete this and therefore a second systems kicks in – anaerobic respiration. This system relies on certain chemicals, one being good old lactic acid! The increased acidity in your muscles activates pain nerve cells called nocicetors. This is when you’ll feel the burn!! Usually straight after exercise, once your body can produce enough oxygen this burn will disappear as the lactic acid is dispersed.

DOMS itself is caused by rapidly increasing the intensity and frequency of training or by a change of training. Small microscopic tears in the muscles are found and these are the pain culprits! It is believed that eccentric contractions are more likely to cause DOMS than concentric contractions.

Adapting your programmes to slowly increase training can hugely reduce your experience of DOMS.

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