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Cycling is now one of the world’s leading sports. It is exciting, exhilarating and can be enjoyed at both competitive and recreations levels.

Cyclopark’s educational programmes have created a pathway that enables children to transition from novices to safe and confident cyclists as well as encouraging young people to participate in a range of exciting cycle sports.

The school programme initiative is run by British Cycling qualified coaches. All sessions focus on:

  • Encouraging children to make friends
  • Keeping fit and healthy
  • Learning new skills  
  • Increasing self-esteem.

The aim is for the riders to learn and reach their potential whilst enjoying themselves.

There are so many choices in cycling that it can sometimes be difficult to navigate your way through all of the options. Our education offering has been designed to provide a natural pathway for riders to develop at their own pace and across all disciplines.

It’s important that at an early age, riders experience a range of cycling activities and that it remains fun. Through the structure of the sessions, riders can develop a cycling interest from primary school and continue into secondary school, when participation in sport may present other challenges. We are excited by the introduction of the GCSE component, which widens the appeal to a new set of participants and provides schools with the opportunity to add something new to their curriculum.

The range of courses means that, children not only become confident at riding, but also gain an understanding of the sport and the equipment. In addition to this they can develop an appreciation for how cycling can help them in their everyday life, whether that's because it promotes independence, personal challenge or fitness.


Primary School Programme – CycloTutor

CycloTutor has been developed specifically for primary schools with the aim to get more children active and enjoying the freedom of cycling.

CycloTutor operates two programmes:

Programme 1 Learn to Ride: Classes for five years plus, great for children not quite ready to ride on two wheels.

Programme 2 CycloSkills: Classes for new riders, teaching key skills and knowledge to help them become confident and safe cyclists.

Secondary School Programme – CycloAcademy

The objective of ‘CycloAcademy’ is to inspire and encourage young people to participate in a range of cycle sports, which includes BMX, Mountain Biking and Road. The programme provides a practical introduction where students have fun, safe, stage-appropriate experience focusing on developing basic cycling skills, which are transferable across all the cycling disciplines. It is also possible for students to undertake the CycloAcademy Race Challenge, where pupils get to try out their newly acquired bike handling skills and experience the thrill of racing.

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Whatever your requirements, a tailored programme can be developed. Both programmes are flexible and can be adapted to suit your school needs.

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